Need a little Therapy in Uptown CLT?


Last night a few of my friends and I met up after a long day at work. We decided to go to the restaurant/bar Therapy Café located on 401 North Tryon Street. Newly renovated, the place was much more spacious and swanky than I had remembered.  It’s a good thing the renovation provided a little more room, because the dining area was packed inside and out.

Uptown Charlotte

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Therapy feature Charlotte’s largest selection of double martinis, ranging from the some of the most cleaver names, to the old favorites. One thing I love about their menu is that they have quite the selection of starters to share. This works out perfectly when sitting with a large group. We quickly placed an order of therapeutic nachos and searched the menu for our drink selection. Therapy is known for its martini madness, and lucky for us the Wednesday night special is their half priced martinis.

If you haven’t been to Therapy uptown, I highly recommend checking it out. Also, check out the below link to find other hotspots to check out after work in Charlotte. This is a pretty awesome link, and it updates constantly. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Going Google… On a Billboard?


While this topic does not directly relate to our lovely city of Charlotte, I still found it very interesting and relevant to all of us who live in a city that uses billboards as a form of advertising medium..

Google just recently announced that it will be advertising its Google Apps feature in four major cities in a series of billboard advertisements. The billboards will have a very simple design, and will include daily blurb about why “Going Google” is good for you and your business.

Personally I’m undecided on if this method is the right thing for Google. While they have been up against steep competition in the advertising world against Microsoft, hosting a billboard on the side of the highway starkly contrasts with the overall idea of the technologically driven company. Coming from a background in marketing, I’m all for the simple billboard. One that is clean, clear and straight to the point. I think this is the only way a billboard is effective. However, I would expect some sort of high tech video or snazzy word of mouth marketing tactic from Google, not a black and white billboard.

Could you imagine driving to work and seeing a Google billboard next to our Wachovia or Bank of America billboard spreads on the side of 77? What about a “Go Google” message mixed into the series of our many digital billboards; right in between a flashy Finks or CPI Security ad.

I’m not knocking the guys at Google, because they’ve done a lot of things right over the last couple of years, however I do wonder what the result will be of their new “Going Google” billboards.

What are your thoughts on Google and Microsoft’s new advertising tactics? Do they catch your attention, and make you more interested in their products?



Are you one of those people who still haven’t jumped on the ever growing popular Twitter train? In case you are, check out the below video, or read the accompanying article from uk telegraph.

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Twitter just launched a new home page, with search capabilities… check it out!



Sunday to me is usually a day of relaxing… and relaxing to me usually involves eating some sort of delicious food. So around lunch time, I headed into the very lovely neighborhood of NoDa. Little did I know I was going to stumble upon one of the very best dessert shops I have ever been to – and I’ve been to a lot of dessert shops.

Tasty-YoAfter being completely stuffed from a delicious lunch at Cabo Fish Taco, I  started walking back to my car and saw the adorable sign for Tasty-Yo right above my head. They have just recently opened (Saturday, July 25) and are located on the main street in NoDa. I remembered my fellow blogger, Krissy, mentioning that there was a new dessert place opening and how it was supposed to be delicious.

So I headed inside to check it out.

I recommend to all of you reading this to tell your friends about Tasty-Yo – it is the best! First, its not ice cream yogurt, it is actual yogurt (the kind that comes in the carton) but it’s frozen. Second, there are all the toppings in the world you can choose from, including fresh fruit from the Farmers Market. Lastly, and this is the best part, it is only 90 calories (because we all know it is bathing suit season).

Anyone know of any other great dessert places to try in Charlotte?

The Booty Loop


Lately I have been on a mission to start biking. I usually run a few times a week, but have be noticing more and more when I’m on the road there seem to be a lot more bikers than runners. This has intrigued me. While it is very motivational to see all the avid bikers out there, what I ran into this weekend may have finally tipped me over edge to take the plunge and get started with biking.

This weekend around the Meyers Park neighborhood was the eighth annual 24 Hour of Booty. Bikers of all ages ride for 24 hours on the three mile course, The Booty Loop, to raise money for good causes: The Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Keeping Pounding Fund at Carolinas Medical Center and the Brain Tumor Fund for the Carolinas.


While I was jogging around the neighborhood I stopped off to check out the bikers’ rest area, appropriately named “Bootyville”. Set up was located in the parking lot of Myers Park Traditional Elementary School and Queens University. Tons of people (of all ages) peddled into numerous tents of vendors with food (I saw lots of peanut butter sandwiches) and drinks (lots of Vitamin Water – my fav!)   While most of the bikers were crowded around a giant flat screen watching Tour de France, I checked out all the different biking sponsors.

My thoughts – biking is pretty intense, and I like it! I’m excited to finally get out there on the road and start practicing the Booty Loop. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll be a participant…

Do you bike ride in the Charlotte area? Any comments or tips for beginners like me?

CLT Restaurant Week


One of my favorite times of year in Charlotte would have to be Restaurant Week. Combining of great food, great people, and great prices – what more could you ask for?

Last week I went to Andrew Blair’s on Montford Drive (near Angry Ales, Braswells, and Good Food) with a bunch of my girlfriends.  The menu was superb, and my meal even came with a complimentary glass of wine! I got the Salmon with sun dried tomato & basil, along with a feta and cucumber salad. Yum!

foodphoto credit: Prevention magazine

The best part of going to dinner was learning that Andrew Blair’s has decided to extend their restaurant week an additional week. If you don’t have plans this weekend I encourage you all to try Andrew Blair’s… If you happen to get out there this weekend, let me know you thoughts! Feel free to leave a comment below…

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