My Very Bridal Charlotte Weekend


For a girl that likes to shop, this weekend couldn’t have been more fun!  My family and future in laws were all in town for a fun little engagement party for my Fiance and me.  We crammed as much fun wedding stuff into this weekend to take advantage of all the families being together for a rare weekend.  One of the things we did this weekend was go and look at wedding gowns for the first time.  On Saturday morning I gathered my gilrs including my mom, sister, grandma, best friend, future mother-in-law and best friend/roomie to go to Hayden Olivia Bridal Boutique in uptown Charlotte.  What an amazing experience.  All the ladies in my group had so much fun looking at all the dresses in the store and picking out almost 15 different dresses for me to try on.  The first time you see yourself in a bridal gown is like an out of body experience.  I put the first gown on, a Kenneth Pool design, and stepped out of the dressing room to show my group.  Now this was not the right dress for me, but still when I looked in the mirror it felt like I was looking at someone else.  Another 5 foot 4 inch redhead bride, definitely not me.  As we made our way through the different gowns I was just still in shock at the sight of myself in the mirror in a gown.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find “the one” at Hayden Olivia.  I was slightly disappointed because I would have really enjoyed the experience at this boutique.

So after the Hayden Olivia visit we decided to switch gears and go to look for some bridesmaid dresses while the little sister was here in town.  We went down South Boulevard to this cute little store called Bella Bridesmaid.  This little store was just so tiny but packed a lot of personality with its dresses from designers like Melissa Sweet, Vera Wang, Coren Moore and more. I found two Coren Moore dresses that I really liked for my bridesmaids in the perfect color, Rasberry.  But to be honest they were a little bit expensive.  So I collected the information on the dresses and in the meantime I am hoping for a miracle sale on Coren Moore bridesmaid dresses, because they are FABULOUS!

After our visit with Bella Bridesmaid we went on to look at David’s Bridal.  I don’t mean to offend anyone that is a huge fan of this place.  I know that they offer all kinds of affordable options for brides and wedding parties but to be perfectly honest the experience is terrible.   They do have some cute options for bridesmaid dresses but their presentation of their product and then the dressing rooms make me never ever want to set foot in the store again.  That is all I have to say about that place…

So after DB we were done with our shopping on Saturday it was time to get ready for the party… Next post I will talk about the rest of the shopping weekend which included trips to Crate and Barrel, Nordstroms (for Mother of the Bride shopping), New York Bride and J. Majors…

Where did you go to find the best looks for your wedding?

BeadLush and the Sleepy Poet are Creative Outlets Here in Charlotte


One of my favorite hobbies is to create beautiful jewelry using vintage brooches, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski Crystals.  I sell a lot of my creations on ETSY, which is a website for the craft inclined artists online, I can’ t say enough good things about how awesome is.  Anyways, a lot of times people ask me where I get my supplies and while I do get a lot of materials online from various retailers the most beautiful and unique items have to be handpicked.  Charlotte has a lot of great locations for finding artistic materials.  Two of my favorite locations include BeadLush and The Sleepy Poet Antique Mart.

Beadlush is a quaint little house off of Plaza in the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood.  If you know where the Harris Teeter is then keep going and it will be on your right beside the Fire Station.  This past Tuesday I went into the store to find some materials to compliment the Sodalite stones I wanted to use in a necklace.  Lydia, the owner of BeadLush was so helpful and helped me pick out some beautiful Agate beads.  The finished product looks like this…

Semi-precious necklace made for my co-worker

Semi-precious necklace made for my co-worker

The vintage brooch using Swarovski crystals and white beads was found at the Sleepy Poet.  I absolutely love this place and literally could spend an entire afternoon getting lost inside.  They have everything you can ever imagine from Jewelry to furniture, collector items to clothing.  The people that work there are always helpful and friendly and the entire experience is enjoyable.  If you are in the market for something vintage/antique I highly recommend this store.

Where are some of the stores that you like to visit for artistic inspiration and materials?

Polished- A Nice Slice of Luxury


Yesterday I decided to make an appointment to have a manicure and pedicure at Charlotte’s most famous nail salon, Polished.  The unique little salon is located on South Boulevard right beside my favorite bagel joint, Owen’s Bagels (but that’s a whole other post).  Since I work in the Ballantyne area I  made my appointment for 6:30 pm to ensure I had enough time to get there and to pick up some cash on the way.  As soon as I walked in I was shocked, the place was packed! Now I’m not a Polished virgin, I have been here plenty of times before to know that this is place is always hoppin’.  But to see so many young professional women, and even some men all in one place made me think… umm what recession?!?

I myself was acting as a Recessionista because luckily I had a gift certificate that I received for a Christmas Gift.  But I kid you not, all 16 massage chairs were in use with people waiting for their turn and then all the manicure bars were packed with girls (and a few boys).  Polished has a reputation for being a fun place to hang out and gossip with your girlfriends over a nice glass of wine while getting the ultimate luxurious treatment of sitting in the massage chairs and getting your toes done.  The people that work at Polished are always so friendly and I always enjoy my experience there. If you are looking for all the young women in Charlotte you can definitely find them at Polished on South.  If that location is too busy for you then ventures over to their new location on Providence Road beside the Panera Bread.  I heard they are busy but not crazy…yet!

I feel like Polished is a very unique little gem in the Queen City.  Are there other businesses and parts of Charlotte that you find unique to our city?

Weddings Unveiled Surprise in Charleston, SC


This past weekend I packed up my things to head down to Charleston for a weekend in the sun celebrating my good friend the Bachelorette Laura.  Sorry to have abandoned the Queen City for the weekend, but sometimes its nice to get away even if its only for a day or two.  Anyways, I digress… So as we were headed to Folly Beach for some fun in the sun we stopped by the nearest Harris Teeter to pick up some water, ice and of course all the gossip/fashion/wedding magazines we could find.

Since I was the other engaged girl in the group I decided to pick up a wedding magazine.  I purchased a copy of Weddings Unveiled, a magazine that I had my eye on for a couple of weeks now, but just never got around to purchasing.  This wedding is actually produced here in Charlotte, NC. While flipping through the pages I came to an advertisement for Hayden Olivia Bridal Boutique.  Hayden Olivia is an awesome bridal boutique owned by Heather Batt.  Heather and I worked together for her Sex and the City fashion show in March.  All of the jewelry used in the fashion show was from my Designs By Krissy collection.  So anyways, in the advertisement was the rose necklace I loaned her.  I was elated to see it in a magazine.  You will have to check out the magazine if you’re interested in bridal fashion and jewelry.

So while in Charleston, besides getting excited about seeing my work in a magazine, we had a blast!  We went to the rooftop bar at the Market Pavilion Hotel, had dinner at Social, which is a tapas and wine bar, and then continued to paint the town.  One of my favorite things to do is to just go out and dance my booty off!  We certainly did that at Light. This place literally had the best DJ  spinning some great tunes.  The prices were really reasonable and all six of us just had so much fun together! I can’t tell you everything that happened that weekend, because what happens during the bachlorette party stays at the bachlorette party.  But what I will say is that the Charleston Bachlorette party was a success on all fronts!

What is your favorite southern location/city to get away to?

Dancing Down the Aisle


So to me there really is nothing better then a couple putting some real effort into entertaining their guests at their wedding.  I have seen all the First dance videos of couples busting a move, but nothing like this video.

First of all this video is entertaining because of the variety in the dance moves and second because this all takes place in a church.  With my wedding a year away you better believe that dancing will be involved in some way.  Whether we are boogieing down the aisle or just at the reception it will be entertaining.

Who else has done something entertaining and unique like this at their wedding?

Entertainment Book Helps to Stretch your Money


Last night after a quick jog through the city my fiance and I found our stomachs growling!  Living in the city is great because you are surrounded by so many restaurants and entertainment facilities.  We knew that we wanted to grab a quick bite out on the town but we had some rules as far as where we went.  Because we have a lot of big ticket items coming up in our future we are on a strict savings plan so in order to stay on that plan we use a lot of coupons.  One of the best investments that we made this year was to purchase an Entertainment Book.  After thumbing through all the restaurant options we opted for Stool Pigeons off of Church Street.  Our ticket was a buy one get one free ticket so the two of us were able to eat for the price of one.

We had a great meal and actually got the same order the Grilled Mahi Mahi Pita, which I highly recommend!  Even better was that the restaurant had domestic drink specials and we were surrounded by every baseball game known to man, which made the Fiance a happy guy.  Charlotte is great for many reasons, but the close proximity to hundreds of restaurants is one of my favorite perks!

Summer Shootout at Lowe’s Motor Speedway


So because I have connections with one particularly handsome mascot I got to go to last night’s Summer Shootout at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.  Now I have never before been to the gigantic arena that is the speedway and so was completely blown away at the sheer size of the facility.  After I got over my sense of feeling like an ant I started to enjoy myself.  I am not what you would call a NASCAR fan.  I have never been to a race, I have no idea how the sport works or why people enjoy it, at least I didn’t.  After sitting in the rain for about 20 minutes I actually found myself enjoying the spectacle. The tiny race cars going around the track were kind of mesmerizing. Then the mascots came out and drove the go carts.  It was pretty hysterical to see these fury mascots driving these teeny tiny cars around the track.  I think most people enjoyed that show!

Because I was with the mascots, I got to sit in the in field where the racers families were sitting.  Admittedly, I was eavesdropping so that I could start to pick up on the concept of the race and who I should be rooting for.  When the races were done and the cars made their way back to the garages I was amazed to see small humans, aka children , both boys and girls as the drivers.  It made me think about the sports and activities that I participated in as a kid.  If race car driving were available when I was a kid up in Pittsburgh would I have joined this sport?  The craziest thing I ever did was compete for a position on star search with my dance team.

What kind of sports and activities were you involved in as a child or now as an adult?  Would you like to give race car driving a spin?

Hey Charlotte

Hi Im Krissy

So excited to start talking up my city!!!