Going Google… On a Billboard?


While this topic does not directly relate to our lovely city of Charlotte, I still found it very interesting and relevant to all of us who live in a city that uses billboards as a form of advertising medium..

Google just recently announced that it will be advertising its Google Apps feature in four major cities in a series of billboard advertisements. The billboards will have a very simple design, and will include daily blurb about why “Going Google” is good for you and your business.

Personally I’m undecided on if this method is the right thing for Google. While they have been up against steep competition in the advertising world against Microsoft, hosting a billboard on the side of the highway starkly contrasts with the overall idea of the technologically driven company. Coming from a background in marketing, I’m all for the simple billboard. One that is clean, clear and straight to the point. I think this is the only way a billboard is effective. However, I would expect some sort of high tech video or snazzy word of mouth marketing tactic from Google, not a black and white billboard.

Could you imagine driving to work and seeing a Google billboard next to our Wachovia or Bank of America billboard spreads on the side of 77? What about a “Go Google” message mixed into the series of our many digital billboards; right in between a flashy Finks or CPI Security ad.

I’m not knocking the guys at Google, because they’ve done a lot of things right over the last couple of years, however I do wonder what the result will be of their new “Going Google” billboards.

What are your thoughts on Google and Microsoft’s new advertising tactics? Do they catch your attention, and make you more interested in their products?