Pio Pio serves up the best rotisserie chicken in Charlotte

Pio Pio on East Boulevard

Pio Pio on East Boulevard

I eat at Pio Pio at least once a week. For my Colombian husband, it’s a little slice of home – they serve authentic Colombian and Peruvian food in a great atmosphere. The restaurant is tucked into the back corner of the same East Boulevard shopping center that houses Brixx Pizza and Outback Steakhouse. Pio Pio is part of a small chain – there are several locations around New York City as well.

Pio Pio’s rotisserie chicken is the best I’ve found in Charlotte – or really anywhere, for that matter. The skin is perfectly seasoned and slightly crisp and the meat is always juicy and flavorful. The sides and appetizers are always good, from the arepas (round, white cornmeal cakes) to the chorizo to the sweet plantains and my favorite, empanadas (yellow corn pockets stuffed with seasoned meat and potatoes).

If you’re very hungry and aren’t in the mood for chicken, get the Montañero, a traditional platter that includes beef, rice, avocado, chorizo, an arepa, a fried egg, plantains and red beans. It’s one of my favorites. The tilapia is also great, as are the fried pork chops and the avocado salad. You really can’t go wrong. The service is excellent and it makes a really good and inexpensive place for take-out if you live in the area. It would cost more to cook the same meal at home. So don’t bother – go to Pio Pio. You’ll love it!

D.D. Peckers


D.D. Peckers in South West Charlotte
10403-E Park Road
Charlotte NC 28210

One of the best wing stops in South Charlotte. It has the feel of an East Amherst pub with plenty of good eats.

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—- Update —-

The wings were amazing!  I got their hot wings and the hot ranch.  All I can say is that by the end of the meal my lips were numb.  DD Peckers is kind of hidden off Park road South.  It is accross from the ER and if you arent paying attention you will drive right by the sign.  Sometimes the hardest places to find turn out to be the best in town.  They obviously have a following because the place was fairly full.  Even with a good crowd there was no waiting at the door so you can definately get in and out quickly if you are pressed for time.