BeadLush and the Sleepy Poet are Creative Outlets Here in Charlotte


One of my favorite hobbies is to create beautiful jewelry using vintage brooches, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski Crystals.  I sell a lot of my creations on ETSY, which is a website for the craft inclined artists online, I can’ t say enough good things about how awesome is.  Anyways, a lot of times people ask me where I get my supplies and while I do get a lot of materials online from various retailers the most beautiful and unique items have to be handpicked.  Charlotte has a lot of great locations for finding artistic materials.  Two of my favorite locations include BeadLush and The Sleepy Poet Antique Mart.

Beadlush is a quaint little house off of Plaza in the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood.  If you know where the Harris Teeter is then keep going and it will be on your right beside the Fire Station.  This past Tuesday I went into the store to find some materials to compliment the Sodalite stones I wanted to use in a necklace.  Lydia, the owner of BeadLush was so helpful and helped me pick out some beautiful Agate beads.  The finished product looks like this…

Semi-precious necklace made for my co-worker

Semi-precious necklace made for my co-worker

The vintage brooch using Swarovski crystals and white beads was found at the Sleepy Poet.  I absolutely love this place and literally could spend an entire afternoon getting lost inside.  They have everything you can ever imagine from Jewelry to furniture, collector items to clothing.  The people that work there are always helpful and friendly and the entire experience is enjoyable.  If you are in the market for something vintage/antique I highly recommend this store.

Where are some of the stores that you like to visit for artistic inspiration and materials?

Polished- A Nice Slice of Luxury


Yesterday I decided to make an appointment to have a manicure and pedicure at Charlotte’s most famous nail salon, Polished.  The unique little salon is located on South Boulevard right beside my favorite bagel joint, Owen’s Bagels (but that’s a whole other post).  Since I work in the Ballantyne area I  made my appointment for 6:30 pm to ensure I had enough time to get there and to pick up some cash on the way.  As soon as I walked in I was shocked, the place was packed! Now I’m not a Polished virgin, I have been here plenty of times before to know that this is place is always hoppin’.  But to see so many young professional women, and even some men all in one place made me think… umm what recession?!?

I myself was acting as a Recessionista because luckily I had a gift certificate that I received for a Christmas Gift.  But I kid you not, all 16 massage chairs were in use with people waiting for their turn and then all the manicure bars were packed with girls (and a few boys).  Polished has a reputation for being a fun place to hang out and gossip with your girlfriends over a nice glass of wine while getting the ultimate luxurious treatment of sitting in the massage chairs and getting your toes done.  The people that work at Polished are always so friendly and I always enjoy my experience there. If you are looking for all the young women in Charlotte you can definitely find them at Polished on South.  If that location is too busy for you then ventures over to their new location on Providence Road beside the Panera Bread.  I heard they are busy but not crazy…yet!

I feel like Polished is a very unique little gem in the Queen City.  Are there other businesses and parts of Charlotte that you find unique to our city?