The Booty Loop


Lately I have been on a mission to start biking. I usually run a few times a week, but have be noticing more and more when I’m on the road there seem to be a lot more bikers than runners. This has intrigued me. While it is very motivational to see all the avid bikers out there, what I ran into this weekend may have finally tipped me over edge to take the plunge and get started with biking.

This weekend around the Meyers Park neighborhood was the eighth annual 24 Hour of Booty. Bikers of all ages ride for 24 hours on the three mile course, The Booty Loop, to raise money for good causes: The Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Keeping Pounding Fund at Carolinas Medical Center and the Brain Tumor Fund for the Carolinas.


While I was jogging around the neighborhood I stopped off to check out the bikers’ rest area, appropriately named “Bootyville”. Set up was located in the parking lot of Myers Park Traditional Elementary School and Queens University. Tons of people (of all ages) peddled into numerous tents of vendors with food (I saw lots of peanut butter sandwiches) and drinks (lots of Vitamin Water – my fav!)   While most of the bikers were crowded around a giant flat screen watching Tour de France, I checked out all the different biking sponsors.

My thoughts – biking is pretty intense, and I like it! I’m excited to finally get out there on the road and start practicing the Booty Loop. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll be a participant…

Do you bike ride in the Charlotte area? Any comments or tips for beginners like me?