Direct TV Gave me Gina Carano vs Cyborg


Let me start with a little explanation.  So many times you hear about negative service and rarely hear about the positive.  I just wanted to throw out a quick plug to Direct TV customer service for something completely unexpected.  Let me start by saying I have had Direct TV since 1999 and got it purely for the NFL Sunday Ticket and NHL Center Ice.  When we moved to a new home I canceled my Direct TV and went with Time Warner.  I am not even going to try and sugar coat it, Time Warner customer service and their HD package simply suck.  I canceled cable service after a year and went back to the old faithful.  Every single time I have called Direct TV in the last 10 years, they have been more then happy to solve my problems.  Perhaps it is because I have the Premium package, Sunday Ticket, Super Fan, Center Ice and get a UFC fight every other month.  They must have notes somewhere that I am in their target demographic and love throwing money at them.  Any way you look at it, they have lead the industry in customer satisfaction for something like 9 years running (it shows).

Now for the fun part…Check out what I got in the mail yesterday!

See DIRECTV thank you card detail at bottom of post

It is like Direct TV can read my mind!  I am not a fan of movie channels, I am more of a sports freak.  The cool thing here is that Gina “Conviction” Carano is fighting Cyborg this Saturday on Showtime.  This is the first major MMA event with Womens MMA as the headline.  Gina is by far my favorite female athelete.  She is drop dead goregous and can kick some ass.  I can only hope that one day my daughter can legally kick people in the face like she does.  Cyborg is no joke though and Gina has a real challenge in front of her.  This will be an amazing battle!

So I did a little leg work for you on Direct TV Sunday Ticket.  Through September Direct TV is running a deal on their football package.  This is similar to the deal I got many years ago and all I can say is that I have been more then happy ever since.  DIRECTV and Direct Star TV (their primary dealer) have done an amazing job at keeping me around.  Thanks guys!

Card Reads: Dear Brian, Loyal customer since August 2005*.  Happy anniversary and thank you for being a loyal DIRECTV customer.  It’s because of viewers like you that we’ve become America’s favorite satellite television provider.  Please accept this anniversary gift: SHOWTIME Channels 537-549 | 3 months.  Just sit back and enjoy.  There are no charges or strings attached.  In face we’ve already turned it on for you.  Don’t miss out on future anniversary gifts.  Please go to, enter your account number and let us know the best place to email you. [Your account number is: ########].  And because we value your oppinion, we would appreciate feedback on your DIRECTV experience.  To make it easy, we’ve created a special place online where loyal customers like you can tell us what we’re doing well and what we need to do better.  You’ll also find it at  Sincerely, Karen Leever, SVP Customer Communications.  P.S. Thank you again.  Be sure to go to and update your email address so we’ll know where to reach you on your next anniversary. *Reflects your most recent activation date.