Sunday to me is usually a day of relaxing… and relaxing to me usually involves eating some sort of delicious food. So around lunch time, I headed into the very lovely neighborhood of NoDa. Little did I know I was going to stumble upon one of the very best dessert shops I have ever been to – and I’ve been to a lot of dessert shops.

Tasty-YoAfter being completely stuffed from a delicious lunch at Cabo Fish Taco, I  started walking back to my car and saw the adorable sign for Tasty-Yo right above my head. They have just recently opened (Saturday, July 25) and are located on the main street in NoDa. I remembered my fellow blogger, Krissy, mentioning that there was a new dessert place opening and how it was supposed to be delicious.

So I headed inside to check it out.

I recommend to all of you reading this to tell your friends about Tasty-Yo – it is the best! First, its not ice cream yogurt, it is actual yogurt (the kind that comes in the carton) but it’s frozen. Second, there are all the toppings in the world you can choose from, including fresh fruit from the Farmers Market. Lastly, and this is the best part, it is only 90 calories (because we all know it is bathing suit season).

Anyone know of any other great dessert places to try in Charlotte?

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse


Chima, the Brazilian steakhouse on South Tryon Street in Uptown, extended its restaurant week special offer for an additional week, so I had dinner there on Thursday night. It was my second visit and it was quite good. I suspected that they might hold back on their best meats because of the lower restaurant week price, but both of my favorites, the top sirloin (their house special) and the leg of lamb, as well as filet mignon and other good cuts were available in abundance. I’ve been to Brazilian churrascarias in several cities, and while Chima may not be my all-time favorite, it is definitely high on my list – and much better than Brazas, the other option here in town.

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse (Photo Credit Miami Herald)

If you’ve never been to one, a waiter comes to your table and takes your drink order, and you can help yourself to a large salad bar in the center of the room with everything from cold cuts to calamari salad. At your table, a small card that says something to the effect of “yes please” on one side and “no thanks” on the other is your signal to the traditionally-dressed gauchos circulating with skewers of meat that you want to be served. They’ll swarm around the table offering bacon-wrapped chicken, chorizo, pork loin and many different cuts of beef.

The downside to these places is that the pace of the meal feels kind of frenzied; it wouldn’t make a good spot for a business meeting. Unless everyone at the table flips their card to “no thanks”, your conversation is constantly interrupted by gauchos offering more meat.

If you are a beef-lover like I am, the trick is to reject things like pork and chicken, which can tend to be dry and tasteless. Accept only the best cuts of beef because you’ll fill up fast. I load everything up with lots of chimichurri sauce. Chima’s salad bar is average compared to other churrascarias I’ve visited, but the beef is delicious, and that’s the most important part.

D.D. Peckers


D.D. Peckers in South West Charlotte
10403-E Park Road
Charlotte NC 28210

One of the best wing stops in South Charlotte. It has the feel of an East Amherst pub with plenty of good eats.

More to come

—- Update —-

The wings were amazing!  I got their hot wings and the hot ranch.  All I can say is that by the end of the meal my lips were numb.  DD Peckers is kind of hidden off Park road South.  It is accross from the ER and if you arent paying attention you will drive right by the sign.  Sometimes the hardest places to find turn out to be the best in town.  They obviously have a following because the place was fairly full.  Even with a good crowd there was no waiting at the door so you can definately get in and out quickly if you are pressed for time.