My Very Bridal Charlotte Weekend


For a girl that likes to shop, this weekend couldn’t have been more fun!  My family and future in laws were all in town for a fun little engagement party for my Fiance and me.  We crammed as much fun wedding stuff into this weekend to take advantage of all the families being together for a rare weekend.  One of the things we did this weekend was go and look at wedding gowns for the first time.  On Saturday morning I gathered my gilrs including my mom, sister, grandma, best friend, future mother-in-law and best friend/roomie to go to Hayden Olivia Bridal Boutique in uptown Charlotte.  What an amazing experience.  All the ladies in my group had so much fun looking at all the dresses in the store and picking out almost 15 different dresses for me to try on.  The first time you see yourself in a bridal gown is like an out of body experience.  I put the first gown on, a Kenneth Pool design, and stepped out of the dressing room to show my group.  Now this was not the right dress for me, but still when I looked in the mirror it felt like I was looking at someone else.  Another 5 foot 4 inch redhead bride, definitely not me.  As we made our way through the different gowns I was just still in shock at the sight of myself in the mirror in a gown.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find “the one” at Hayden Olivia.  I was slightly disappointed because I would have really enjoyed the experience at this boutique.

So after the Hayden Olivia visit we decided to switch gears and go to look for some bridesmaid dresses while the little sister was here in town.  We went down South Boulevard to this cute little store called Bella Bridesmaid.  This little store was just so tiny but packed a lot of personality with its dresses from designers like Melissa Sweet, Vera Wang, Coren Moore and more. I found two Coren Moore dresses that I really liked for my bridesmaids in the perfect color, Rasberry.  But to be honest they were a little bit expensive.  So I collected the information on the dresses and in the meantime I am hoping for a miracle sale on Coren Moore bridesmaid dresses, because they are FABULOUS!

After our visit with Bella Bridesmaid we went on to look at David’s Bridal.  I don’t mean to offend anyone that is a huge fan of this place.  I know that they offer all kinds of affordable options for brides and wedding parties but to be perfectly honest the experience is terrible.   They do have some cute options for bridesmaid dresses but their presentation of their product and then the dressing rooms make me never ever want to set foot in the store again.  That is all I have to say about that place…

So after DB we were done with our shopping on Saturday it was time to get ready for the party… Next post I will talk about the rest of the shopping weekend which included trips to Crate and Barrel, Nordstroms (for Mother of the Bride shopping), New York Bride and J. Majors…

Where did you go to find the best looks for your wedding?

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